Gush Shalom Press release
Gush Shalom has sent a letter of warning to Brigadier-GeneralGershon Yitzhak,
commander of the Israeli forces in the West Bank
In the letter, Gush Shalom warns Brigadier-General Gershon Yitzhak,
that his actions while invading the refugee camps in the west bank,
may be held against him before an Israeli or an International war crimes tribunal
The letter states that:
"Today you said clearly in a radio interview, that killing armed Palestinians,
is one of the major targets of the 'operation' carried out under your command.
you bragged that your soldiers have already killed 20 'armed Palestinians', but apparently,
many of these were innocent civilians, amongst them children and elderly people.
You and your officers also admitted to a new method of breaking
through walls of Palestinian homes,
in order to let your forces pass through these homes.
Israeli media claims that your forces 'spray with fire' the houses they enter. this, too, may cause many civilian casualties in the camps. your interview in the radio, alongside other evidence, are all collected, and might be used by an Israeli court of law, or an International war crime tribunal.